About Untamed Nutrition

Recovery requires grit, perseverance, and unprecedented fierceness.  Each person’s path is unique, comes with it’s own challenges, and can feel wild.  

Many eating disorders manifest out of the desire to be in control and to uphold a socially acceptable image.  I invite you to let that go.  To be fierce and untamed in your journey towards recovery.  To be unapologetically you. To live untamed. 

I use the words nutrition therapy because of my style of treatment.  I take a creative, person-centered, client-driven approach.  Every person’s journey is unique; therefore, treatment must be distinctively and individually driven as well.  You can expect a lot of meaningful conversations and a hands-on approach with food and movement.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

To provide and increase access to nutrition therapy to individuals in all walks of life seeking an improved and healthy relationship with food and their body. 

To become a well respected eating disorder, weight inclusive dietitian group practice in Monterey, California, where people come for the best nutrition therapy available. 


About Allison

Hey there!  Thank you for visiting my site!  I am excited that you have taken this step towards food and body freedom. 

I am a certified eating disorder dietitian and sports dietitian with over ten years of experience.  I have worked in many areas of nutrition; however, my heart has always been pulled towards eating disorders and sports nutrition due to my personal journey with both.  I have worked with athletes at all levels and have also worked in eating disorder treatment from the in-patient level of care to outpatient in my own private practice.  I have experience with adults, adolescents, and families struggling with all types of difficult eating/feeding situations, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, avoidant and restrictive type eating disorders, and picky eating. 

For over a decade, I have been personally and professionally devoted to learning, practicing, and promoting Health at Every Size, intuitive eating, and non-diet approaches to living.  I believe that all bodies are inherently different in size, shape, and capabilities, that all bodies deserve respect, care, and compassion, and that every person can reach the ability to eat intuitively.  I help individuals develop a positive and healthy relationship with food and their bodies.  I also help individuals integrate movement into their lives if and when it feels good to them. 

My passions outside of my work include reading, running, hiking, exploring the outdoors, and doing anything with my husband and daughter.